Papier d'Armenie

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Les medailles figurant sur la face sont celles obtenues par la marque Papier d'Armenie pour le carnet 'Tradition' en 1888 et 1889 a l'occasion de l'Exposition Universelle.

One booklet has 12 full sheets, each with 3 strips.

Instructions for use:

Tear off one strip, fold it like an accordion and place it on its longest thinest side on a heat-resistant surface. Light it, blow gently so that the paper does not burn up (Papier d'Armenie should burn slowly).

Can also be used without burning. Tear off entire sheets and place them in wardrobes, dressings, chest of drawers, books, etc. They will be perfumed with a subtle, delicate scent.

Can be used all year round to scent your home and create an atmosphere of well-being.

It is recommended to burn one strip at a time, 3 to 4 times a week, ventilate your home regularly, never leave a burning strip unattended, and do not leave the product within reach of children.

Evites d'inhaler directement la fumee. Ventiles la piece apres utilisation.

Fabrique en France.

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