HALFMOON Yoga Strap ($18-$26)

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Available in two styles: 

ESSENTIAL STUDIO YOGA STRAP ($18): Quick release buckle, lightweight, and durable. It's all within reach! Use this strap to find a place of ease in challenging poses while maintaining lift, alignment, and stability. Quick and easy adjustment with a simple lift of the cinch buckle tab. (80% Polyester, 20% Cotton. Available in colours 'Ink' or 'Plum'. Measures 1.5" x 8' (3.8cm x 244cm)).

ORGANIC COTTON LOOP YOGA STRAP: Organic cotton, smart design with fixed loop end, and well-build for great grip. Do more with this strap. The fixed loop on one end makes it handy for so many poses. Deepen your leg stretches, correct your alignment, and extend your reach like never before. (100% Organic Cotton. Available in colours 'Ink Weave' or 'Plum Weave'. Available in 6' (183cm) or 8' (244cm) length)).

Made in Taiwan.

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